The Queen's Tower

24 hours at South Kensington Campus in 2 minutes 40

In an Engineering lab

#HerImperial: the new generation

We are committed to the increasing participation of women in STEM-related careers. Watch some of our women in action

South Kensington Campus

Our neighbourhood explained

South Kensington Campus is at the heart of 'Albertopolis', where science and the arts meet.

A black hole

Animal research at Imperial

Watch this film to find out more about our animal research

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Post Tensioning design and construction

Skempton Building, South Kensington Campus

Seminar CEP Lunchtime Seminar: Systems approach to water management – a new…

01 April 2020, 13.00 – 13.40

General 504 Gateway Time-out

01 April 2020, 15.00 – 16.00

Seminar CHerenkov detectors In mine PitS (CHIPS)

01 April 2020, 16.00 – 17.00

Seminar Global stability of fluid flows despite transient growth of energy


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Alumni at reunion event

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Studying at Imperial

Imperial is the only university in the UK to focus exclusively on science, medicine, engineering and business.

Our courses
Campus life
Life in London
London advantage
Why Imperial?
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Research and Innovation

Imperial people share ideas, expertise and technology to find answers to the big scientific questions and tackle global challenges

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